Our People, Our Projects

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Our People

Tubman House is a neighborhood-based organization, grounded in the Sandtown-Winchester community.  Our work is sustained by a dedicated coalition of local residents, longtime community organizers, citizens returning from imprisonment, and volunteers.  Our values are inspired by a host of ancestors and activists whose words and examples we seek to honor, learn from, and build upon.  To learn more about the people who make Tubman House, as well as our organizational partners and key sources of inspiration, please follow the link below.  


Our Projects

Tubman House projects reflect our belief that all residents should have access to education, food, healthcare and land, and should have a voice in the social practices that affect their lives.  Some of our current projects include the Fannie Lou Hamer-Sundiata Acoli Farm, the Ella Baker-Robert Williams Freedom School, the development of a neighborhood aquaponics/biocellar system, and year-round community activities including distributions of school supplies, food and clothes; homework help; and community movie nights, cookouts, concerts, commemorations, and town halls.  To learn more about these projects, please follow the link below.